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Our story...

A Disturbing Observation

 Lack of mobility has been identified as a major obstacle to accessing employment in rural areas, regardless of the region.

In fact, leading a professional and/or social life becomes much more complex without a vehicle. In addition, the costs associated with transportation are often times too high for many people.

It is very difficult, if not impossible, to find work in the Haute Gironde or southern Charente Maritime regions of France, for example, without a personal vehicle due to the lack of public transport infrastructures.

Although this observation is not new and the problem is well-known, there are still very few solidarity garages in France and none in our area.


our project

To help solve this problem, we have decided to set up a solidarity garage through the creation of the AMR Association (Association pour la mobilité rurale/Rural Mobility Association).

Our objective is to allow people in need to have access to mobility through the maintenance, repair and/or purchase of a vehicle at more affordable rates.

The repair shop will be open to customers with low incomes who have been sent by social services like the French national Job Centre, Youth Centres, or charities. We will also accept, subject to verification, employees or self-employed workers and retirees living below the poverty line.


We also intend to sell small utility vehicles at low cost to self-employed entrepreneurs.


You and US

 Because 8 million French people have trouble meeting the costs of their transportation needs.

Because the loss of mobility increases vulnerability and isolation resulting in problems finding employment and gaining access to healthcare, and a loss of social relationships.

Because we have identified, within a 30 km radius around us, 9,000 people living below the poverty line who are likely to have mobility problems!

Help us to set up our solidarity-based garage in the Northern Gironde/Southern Charente Maritime regions.

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Helping others is a little bit like helping yourself.



What is a solidarity-based Garage?


A solidarity garage is characterized by the fact that its hourly rates, in line with its customers’ purchasing power, are on average two times less expensive than a traditional garage or repair shop. We do not intend to replace automotive professionals, much less to compete with them, because the customers who come to a solidarity garage could not afford the services of a commercial garage to begin with.


Our mission is to allow access to transportation, and therefore to employment, healthcare and a social life, for people with low incomes.